Melissa Middle School Band

Private Lessons

Flute: Erin Rader

Clarinet and Saxophone: Ken Miller

Trumpet and French Horn: Ryan Robertson

Trombone: Paul Birk

Low Brass: Trevor Culp

Melissa ISD is fortunate to have an outstanding staff of private lesson teachers.

One on one, individual instruction is one of the main reasons why programs, especially in the North Texas area, are extremely successful.

It is a general misconception that private lessons are set up for students who are “falling behind” or for those musicians that are “not as successful” on their instrument. While private lessons can still be highly beneficial in these cases, supplemental private lessons are designed and intended more for students that are advancing and proving success on their instrument.

The opportunity to study one-on-one with a professional musician is invaluable and has proven to be one of the most successful ingredients to individual achievement.

Lessons are customized and tailored for each individual’s needs.

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